Zespół Placówek Oświatowych in Platerów

We are a small school near the river Bug on the border with Belarus in a place called Platerów. Our village is surrounded by a lot of forests, meadows and valleys. We have 200 children aged 3 to 16 ( the kindergarten, the primary school and the high school) and there are 27 teachers.

So as to develop the children's knowledge and abilities we organize a lot of activities during the regular lessons and some additional forms of education, like: trips, meeting with masters and projects.

We encourage our students to take care of other - people in need and animals. As a result we try to support the voluntary work in our community.

We believe that meeting with wise people, people with passion or professional masters give our students the aim -What to do? Why? And how? So, we invite artists, travelers and scientists to our school.

Our headmistress is Maria Daszko and she has started the project work as a method here. Since 1999 the school in cooperation with The Educational And Ecological Association "Mezenin" that has the root in Korczak’s pedagogy prepared more than eighty projects connected with nature, culture, history and science.

Due to the fact that our school is located in the National Park a lot of time we spend in the open area where we plant trees or look for endangered species of plants, birds or animals. We printed the brochure about plants and animals in our forests during the project “Face To Face With The Nature”. In a kindergarten we taught ecology by the project “Youth Nature Lab” and about recycling we taught thanks to the project “EcoArt”.

Every year at the beginning of the summer holidays we organize for the local people meetings with the international artists (painters, sculptors,) art activities and exhibitions during the open air art meetings. Children can work with painters and sculptors form Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, India and many others. The exhibition that is at the end of the project is a significant event for the region and the results – paintings, sculptures and art installations are placed around and inside the school.

We develop children's creativity. As a result, we had a lot of art projects: “Moses From Mezenin” (activities with camera obscura), “Platerów-The Village Of Miracles” (activities with sculptors), “Lublin In Retro Style” ( the camp in Lublin with the photographer), “The  Faraway Village in Podlasie” (the mosaic).

So as to encourage children and students to develop their language skills we had eight international students exchanges (The Comenius Programme, The Erasmus Programme). We visited France, Germany, Greece, Belgium, The United Kingdom, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey. And every time students had to learn English or Russian so as to communicate, learn about the place where they stayed, live for a week as a normal citizen of the foreign country, take part in art activities and give the report after the work.

Some of the projects we held in Platerów. Consequently, we invited our partners from abroad to our school and in the international groups we prepared dictionaries and reports “Looking For The Parallels In The Uniqueness Of Two Rural Regions” (with Belgium), organized meetings with the school council “We Are Learning About Democracy” (with Ukraine), acted the common version of the Little Red Riding Hood with Turkish students and took pictures of “ Usual And Unusual” moments of life with Russians.

So as to show our students that the tradition is the important part of being the citizen of Poland we have organized the folk band called Mała (The Little) Pasieka for pupils aged 10-12 that is supported by the older folk band known as Pasieka. Mała (The Little) Pasieka as well as Pasieka perform the local songs and dances in traditional clothes of our region Podlasie.

In our area you can find a lot of remains of the Second World War: the V2 racket or bunkers built by the Soviet Union in the years 1940–1941. Therefore, we pay attention to the local history. We conducted some historical projects: “Gone With The Wind”, “We Are Searching For The Treasures Of Our Land”, “The Railway’s Charm”.

What is more, our students have the opportunity to improve their science knowledge by projects straightly connected to Math, Biology or Physics: “ The Workout Of The Creative Thinking”, "The Power Of Imagination”, “Don't Be Afraid Of Physics”, “The Academy Of Students”.

In our teaching methods we concentrate on the words of the patron of our primary school, Janusz Korczak: “ Be yourself - search for your way”.